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Top 5 New Pop-Tart Flavors: Cherry Turnover Tops List

Sure, we're living in an era of economic stagnation, endless war, and environmental collapse. The good news is that the manufactured food industry keeps churning out flavors. Have there been major developments in chemistry to occasion this change? Or was the potential always there, only the producers lacked the impetus?

Remember when there were only three flavors of Doritos, one of which was unflavored corn? One noticeable explosion has come to Pop-Tarts (and you can see still the old days with generic brands, which typically come in just strawberry, cherry, blueberry) which now come in 29 flavors. There are so many, it appears the company can't even catch up. I bought a box of Sugar Cookie pop-tarts this weekend, and I can't even find reference to this variety on the Pop-Tarts website.

Here are the top 5 new pop-tart flavors according to Royals Review:

  1. Cherry Turnover: You might not be aware of it, but there is a movement out there for unfrosted cherry pop-tarts to return. Count me among this party. Frosted strawberry is one of my least favorite options, but un-frosted strawberry is near the top. The new, limited-edition cherry turnover flavor seems to be an olive leaf to the unfrosted cherry crowd, because that's basically what it is. The crust is a little different as well, and there's a touch of heavier frosting. Both work. The box is decorated with lovely cherry blossom trees as well. The best new flavor of 2011.
  2. Sugar Cookie - There's probably a divide amongst These taste a bit odd at first, but you quickly get the sugar cookie essence. Love the idea, though they may be a smidge too sweet.
  3. Smores - I think the strength of the Smores offering is the crust, which does taste like graham cracker.
  4. Orange Cream - I haven't been able to find this one in stores yet, but I love the concept. Pop-Tarts needs to expand their fruit flavor palette, as the cookie/muffin/cake stuff is often good, but they are running out of places to go. I'm assuming the orange cream is creamy, but a sour citrus could also be good. Unfrosted lemon is my dream flavor.
  5. Wild Berry - I find all raspberry flavored things appalling, but the wild berry offering mixes in just a touch, along with blueberry and strawberry. I'm not sure what the "wild" part of the name signifies, but there is a boldness to the taste. I want to try the Wild Berry Bloom flavor, but haven't seen it.

Just missed the cut: Mint Chocolate Chip, Confetti Cake, Wild Watermelon. According to wikipedia, Pop-Tarts once had an Apple Currant flavor in the 1960s. Fascinating.