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Cardinals Come Back Twice to Defeat Rangers in Mad Game Six

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Thanks to everyone who was around in the game threads. Wow, that was incredibly fun, even if you really don't care who wins. Post good game stories/analyses here as they roll in.

This is everyone's analysis tonight, but I was struck by how poorly the game was played early on. The game was filled with walks, errors, double plays, men left on base, bizarre managerial decisions, etc. And by no means was it just the Cardinals. The Rangers were winning mostly just because they were being less bad. I started listening to KMOX in the 8th, mostly because I wanted to hear how Mike Shannon was handling things. As far as I can remember, he didn't say a word for about 20 minutes until Craig homered. From that point on, we stumbled into a classic...

We get a Game Seven. Awesome.

The Rangers have no national cultural identity other than being Nolan Ryan/George W. Bush's team. Can you imagine the reaction and coverage if that loss had happened to the Cubs or Red Sox? The 30 for 30 doc. would already be green-lit. What if I told you a team was one strike away from a championship. Twice.