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Royals Re-Sign Master Chen to Two Year Deal

With compensation for Type B free agents to become a thing of the past in 2013, Dayton Moore thought it would be time to get used to the new CBA now and decided to pass on draft compensation for Type B free agent Bruce Chen by signing Chen to a two year contract worth $9 million in guaranteed money, plus $1 million in a roster bonus and another $1 million in incentives. What, no mutual option? No $25,000 bonus for winning the Cy Young? Jin Wong is dropping the ball.

Chen, originally signed by the Royals as a minor league free agent, was named Royals Pitcher of the Year in 2011, winning 12 games with a 3.77 ERA and 155 innings in 25 starts. He posted a 4.39 FIP and earned 1.9 WAR (per Fangraphs). In three years with the Royals, he has a 25-21 record with a 4.28 ERA in 357 2/3 innings pitched. He has started more games for the Royals than for any of the ten Major League clubs he has pitched for. 

The Opening Day rotation is looking like: Chen/Sanchez/Paulino/Hochevar with Danny Duffy battling Aaron Crow, Everett Teaford, Vinsanity Mazzaro, Luis Mendoza and probably Kyle Davies somehow for the fifth spot.

Its all coming together. Mission 2012 is upon us. C'mon Chen.