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Kim DeJesus, Wife of David DeJesus, Insults Royals Fans with Pro-Cubs Tweet

I didn't expect a lifetime of loyalty, I didn't expect only to have good memories, I didn't expect perfection. But David DeJesus was a Royal for a very long time. The late 2000s were basically the David DeJesus Era. We respected the man. We watched him grow. We nurtured him.

And now... some new love is saying that the Cubs have the best colors in baseball.

Lol I'm already at the nail salon painting my nails cubs colors!!! The best colors in baseball!!!!!

Damn you! Damn you! And where were you 5 years ago? How dare you! How dare you! (In Angela Lansbury's voice from The Last Unicorn)

Blue and white with maybe a touch of gold... those are the best colors in the game.These are not, Kim. You have insulted us and poured salt in our wounds.

Did all those years in KC mean nothing? Surely, David must disagree. Surely. I know he must. I believe that he must.

Hat tip Big League Stew