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Royals Add Four Minor Leaguers To Greatest Farm System Ever

The Royals have signed four fine young men to minor league contracts today. Remember, the Royals have the Greatest Farm System Ever, so we can assume that many of these players would be top prospects in other organizations. Organizational filler in Moore's system rates out as a Top 10 Astro. Not a Top 10 Astro prospect, a Top 10 Astro of all-time.

Here are the new guys:

  • RHP Juan Gutierrez: Recently released by Arizona. Will be 28 next season. Has thrown 167 Major League innings, mostly as a reliever.
  • LHP Francisley Bueno: Former Brave, named "Francisley." Nothing else matters.
  • C Max Ramirez: Has 140 career PAs with the Rangers.
  • OF Greg Golson: Has been randomly inserted into games by Joe Girardi. Former Yankee and Phillie. Knows how to win.

The best farm system in the game just got better.