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Royals sign former Twins left-handed reliever Jose Mijares

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According to everyman sideline reporter Joel Goldberg, the Royals have signed 27 year-old Venezuelan left-handed pitcher Jose Mijares. Mijares had spent his entire four year Major League career with the rival Minnesota Twins before being non-tendered a few weeks ago. Last season, he posted an ERA of 4.59 ERA (4.88 FIP) in 49 innings. He allowed 5.5 strikeouts per nine - with the same number of walks. His best season came in 2009 when he posted a 2.34 ERA in 61.2 innings and 71 appearances with over eight strikeouts per nine.

He does enjoy pretty pronounced splits, as lefties hit .253 against him last year, while righties hit .287. He also struck out over seven lefties and walked just three per nine innings. However against righties he struck out three while walking seven per nine inningst. For his career, lefties are hitting just .209 against him, while righties hit .263.

Mijares is a hefty 230 pounds and has been cited by some Twins bloggers as having attitude problems. He has already been put on the "Yuniesky Betancourt Regiment."