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12/23 Royals News Roundup: Yes, Yuni, There is a New Eco Novel

Joakim Soria trade rumors swirl around us like so many falling leaves, threatening to troll our Christmas weekend. For me, I've simply given up trying to guess what will happen. The Gio Gonzalez trade to Oakland removes one increasingly annoying rumor from the stream, but we've still got lots of time to spin about on matters related to Jair Jurrjens. Meanwhile, the reactions to the Yuni signing rolled in. Am I the only one that merely feels very tired at the end of this year?

The baseball links talk Padres, Cardinals, and Gio, while the Grab Bag touches on the Chiefs, the American conquest of the Middle Ages and offers yet another refutation of the Creative Class idea. Yay!



  • Refreshing our picture of the Cardinals post-Carlos Beltran - Viva El Birdos
  • The Truth About Gio Gonzalez - Baseball Nation
  • Grab Bag: