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An Early Nominee For Weirdest Royals Headline of 2011

Yesterday KCROYALS.COM ran a story with the following bizarre headline:

Pitching Fountain Sprays Youth on Royals' Camp


Really, official site editors? That was the best headline you could come up with? Saying some variation of "Royals have many young pitchers" can't be that hard. Then again, maybe we should be thanking them.


Step by step, here's the metaphor. The Royals have so much pitching depth that they are overflowing, like a fountain of men in baseball uniforms, springing up out of the ground. Just boundlessness. However, they are also young pitchers. Therefore, the Royals Spring Training facility in Arizona, isn't just the scene of their arrival. No, the entire camp is being veritably sprayed with their youth itself. Somewhere in there, obviously, was the "fountain of youth" seed, but when it became a pitching fountain instead, everything got jumbled and the headline moved from being cliched to bizarre.

A fountain. A fountain spraying youth. A camp covered. Covered by sprayed youth.