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Some Spring Heroes

You know you can't resist the allure of Spring Training stats... A selection of Cactus League Heroes thus far:

  • Melky Cabrera: I love this triple slash line, which is straight out of Little League/any team run by Dayton Moore: .516/.528/.806 in 34 PAs. OK, that's too harsh. He has walked three times. In any case, he's posted a silly good line and leads the team in total bases.
  • Alex Gordon: Still hot, still getting on base, having a good power week. .367/.558/.733 in 41 PAs.
  • MITCH Maier: Going out swinging, hitting .538/.613/.808, with 4 steals thrown in, in 31 PAs. Too bad he's already been replaced like six times in his career already.
  • Kila Ka'aihue: Kila's ratched down the walk rate, in an apparent attempt to fit in. He's got 3 homers in 32 PAs. .433/.469/.800.

There are about ten other guys that good be mentioned, but those are the position players that stood out to me. As for the pitchers:

  • Nathan Adcock: He's thrown 8 scoreless innings, though he's only struck out two batters in doing so.
  • Luiz Mendoza: Also has a 0.00 ERA, in 7.2 innings. Mendoza has missed more bats, recording 5 strikeouts. He's also walked none and allowed just one hit. What?
  • Louis Coleman: Coleman has struck out 10 in just six innings of work.

Ok, that's enough Spring Training stats talk for now.