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This Day in Royals Review History: Alex Gordon Troubles, The End of the Berroa Era

It was a year ago today that it was announced that Alex Gordon would not make the Opening Day roster. The Royals didn't want to rush him, wanted him to heal. Then they called him back up by April 11th, and it went downhill from there. You can dive into pretty much any point in the Alex Gordon Era and find the Royals doing odd and counterproductive things. I'm sure 2011 will work out well.

In 2009, on this date, I wrote about Mark Teahen. An instant classic of course.

In 2008, there was nothing but a Spring Training game thread.

Around this time in 2007, the Berroa/Pena trade was still being processed. The Royals traded for Tony Pena Jr on the 23rd, and Berroa was demoted the next day, I believe. It's still fascinating to think about the timing of that trade, as it happened so late in Spring Training. It was also a part of the epic, "no way can it get worse at SS, oh wait it did" cycle at SS, as we went from Berroa to TPJ to Yuni.