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A User's Guide to Royals Review: Commenting

With the season drawing near, Royals Fever sweeping across the nation, and Royals Review becoming minutely more popular with each passing month, now is a perfect time to offer a refresher on how the site works and how it can work best.

How to Comment and Use the Commenting Software

  • The commenting software here at SB Nation is literally state of the art, and just about the best I've seen on the web. When you open up a page, you have a variety of ways of navigating. Pressing the C button will move you through the comments. X will mark them as read. So will Z, which basically combines X and C in one button. I'm a big Z guy. Love it. It will change your life. You will find yourself pressing Z on less awesome sites all the time. If you are using a slow internet connection or often have a zillion windows open, you might want to turn off the auto-updating comments and reload when you want.
  • You can help out your fellow fan by flagging spam/inappropriate comments and recommending good ones.
  • Please refrain from posting flagrantly off-topic comments outside of the game and open threads. The reason is simple. It really diminishes the quality of the site. I want the presumptive reader of a post on this site to be able to assume that the comments attached to a post are about those posts. As soon as that expectation goes, then all the good comments start to get ignored because they're getting the same treatment that comments on non-moderated sites get. I love the depth and variety of the site. Honestly, the comments are often more interesting than the things I write. I'm getting very close to just cold deleting off-topic comments. Example, asking where you can watch Royals games on your computer in a generic post about a player. This isn't Yahoo Answers. I'm going to be more lenient within game threads, because those are more open discussions around an often boring game, and I respect that. But if Jeff posts a Heat Maps post about Alcides Escobar and comment three is someone asking about how to buy tickets, I'm going to turn into Mean Will.