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A Royals Review User's Guide: Fanposts & Fanshots

With the season drawing near, Royals Fever sweeping across the nation, and Royals Review becoming minutely more popular with each passing month, now is a perfect time to offer a refresher on how the site works and how it can work best.

A User's Guide to Royals Review: Commenting - Royals Review

How to Best Use the Fanposts & Fanshots Tools

  • True story: the reason I joined SB Nation way back when was because of the Fanposts tool/function. I envisioned a day where the site might be popular enough that there would always be smart people participating in the conversation in an in depth way. RR has one of the most active fanshot sections on the Network, and the Fanposts section is solid. The more the site becomes about us and less about some random guy's opinions, the better it gets. If you read the site often, you'll see that we regularly promote Fanposts & Fanshots to the Front Page. Write something good, and people will see it.
  • A Fanpost should be something substantial. It's a blog post. If you're just posting a link or asking a question or want people to be game threading a World Cup game or something, that should be a Fanshot.
  • This has already been touched on this week: but please do take 15 seconds to check to see if someone has already posted what you want to post. We don't need the clutter, and we don't need the discussion getting sub-divided.
  • Write good headlines. This is especially important for Fanposts. Too often, people write Fanposts with titles like "My Question" or something like that. And no one reads them, comments on them, anything. Assuming you want someone to read what you write, try to write a headline that actually explains what you are talking about. I see "My Question" and I keep scanning down. I see "My Question Regarding Lorenzo Cain" and I'm interested.
  • Do a cursory proofread. Most web browsers now have spellchecker built in, so you really have no excuse. It isn't an English paper, I know, but multiple errors and typos are distracting and just look horrible.