2011 Royals Lineups (fun with Baseball Musings Lineup Analysis)

I love toying around with the Lineup Analysis generator on Baseball musings. The last ST lineup we saw yields 4.53 runs per game using PECOTA projections, for roughly 734 on the season. If you replace Getz with Betemit in the lineup, the best possible Royals lineup yields 4.661 runs using PECOTA, for 755 runs on the season (which would be the team's best since 2006 FWIW). Optimal lineup: 1 - Ka'aihue 2 - Butler 3 - B. Pena 4 - Betemit 5 - Gordon 6 - Francoeur 7 - Aviles 8 - Escobar 9 - Melky

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