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Who Will Win More Games In 2011: Royals or Indians?

This is THE question for 2011.

Team Slogans: Major League Moments v. Are You in the Tribe?

Key Acquisitions: Royals- Jeff Francoeur, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Francis, Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain. Indians - Austin Kearns, Orlando Cabrera, Nick Johnson

Wins in 2010: Royals - 67. Indians - 69

Casual Fan's Take on Franchise: Royals - Proven vets like Francoeur will mentor young stars, until everyone gets traded/signed by the Yankees. Indians - LeBron James must die. Yankees suck.

State of Team's SB Nation Blog Community: Royals - The GM is great/horrible, let's argue about it! Indians - It's not hopeless, no wait it probably is.

National Writer Connected to Team/City: Royals- St. Poz, stathead side. Indians - St. Poz when he's being sentimental and nostalgic about his childhood and/or Duane Kuiper.

Disturbing Minor League Trend: Royals - Horrible franchise names. Indians - Disgustingly gigantic piles of meat.