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Five Royals Predictions For 2011

  1. Melky Cabrera Will Be Traded: It's best to begin with a hopeful one. The signing of Melky Cabrera didn't make much sense when it happened. It made even less when Lorenzo Cain was one of the centerpieces of the Zack Greinke trade. Oh, and the Royals had to promise Melky the starting job, because, well, heaven forbid we not snag him. This is how our Front Office operates people. Do you know what Melky's career slugging percentage is? .379. There's very little difference between Cabrera and someone like Gregor Blanco, save that Blanco is probably better defensively. Dayton Moore's Royals tenure began with an aggressive approach to trades. Then, he ran out of Baird guys, and grew more hesitant. Then, beginning with last mid-season, he got aggressive again. Cabrera isn't good and there isn't likely to be much of a market for him. Unlike Dick Ankiel, he doesn't have an elite (perceived) skill either. Still, someone will get hurt somewhere, someone will want to get rid of their own pointless guy, and a deal will get done.
  • Kyle Davies Has Begun His Last Season as a Starter in the Big Leagues: I gave up on Davies in 2010. He is what he is: a generally ineffective starter. Yes, he's Southern and was a former Brave farmhand and he's had his moments. He got 32 starts to take a step forward in 2010, and he never did. He won't get 32 more at the big league level. The Royals were right, I suppose, to spend four years giving Davies chances, and now it's time to move on. Davies might have a future as a reliever, maybe even with the Royals, but the days of him starting are winding down.
  • Matt Treanor Will Post More PAs than His OBP: Yost will fall in love with his whateverness. Pena will be ritualistically executed after allowing two passed balls in a game. Outs will follow.
  •  Alex Gordon and Kila Ka'aihue Will Split the Difference: Another semi-optimistic prediction. One of these players will have a good start/season (in the organization's eyes) and become Made Guys, or at least non-horrible trade prospects. One will, one will not. My hunch is that that player will be Gordon, who at least doesn't have Eric Hosmer bearing down on him.
  • Either Wil Myers or Eric Hosmer or Both Will Debut in 2011: Probably in September. Hosmer is much closer to being ready, but both are still actually really young. In any case, the Royals will promote at least one of them in September, joining Mike Moustakas and one or two of the young pitchers.