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Kansas City Royals Legend George Brett Honored for Being Honored for the Thousandth Time

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KANSAS CITY - In a special on-field ceremony the Kansas City Royals honored George Brett for being honored for the thousandth time. According to team historians, prior to 2011's Opening Day, Brett had been honored 999 times since retiring from baseball at the end of the 1993 season.

"This was a truly special occasion in which we commemorate the 1,000th time that we have commemorated George Brett," said Team President Dan Glass.

At home plate, dirt from the first celebration of Brett's career was mixed with dirt from his thousandth such ceremony. The mixture was then blessed by an ecumenical gathering of various holy men, with a promise to be used in Brett's two thousandth commemoration, which is believed to be reached by the 2021 season.

"Brett's march to 3,000 hits was truly memorable," said team Board Member Ruth Glass. "We would do him a disservice if we stopped now."

As Brett was honored, fans Mike and Matthew McCarthy, of Blue Springs, reflected on the gravity of the moment. "Our dad was with us in... 1999 I think, when Brett was honored prior to a game. It's those memories that give you a connection across time," said Mike.

"One day, I hope that my son might watch Brett being honored," added Matthew.

According to team owner David Glass, it is only fitting that Brett be so honored. "I want this to be an organization that honors her honors properly. When we forget the ways in which we have previously remembered the remembering of our past, we collectively lose our soul."

That sentiment was echoed by Royals Board Member Don Glass, who revealed that the team is planning a statue of the making of the George Brett statue outside the K.