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Royals Bibliomancy - Lesson Two from "Fields of Fire" by James Webb

For an explanation of what the heck this is, click here to read the first installment.

I was at a used bookstore in Cleveland back in November. If you spent a certain amount, I believe, they gave you a free book, wrapped up like a gift. The book I was given was Fields of Fire by James Webb, a fairly intense novel about the Vietnam War published in the late 1970s. Today, I was called by the Spirit to return to this text, because it is the vehicle through which we all can learn more about the Kansas City Royals.

Lesson for 4/11/2011 from Fields of Fire by James Webb:

Turning randomly to page 136-7.

He took his bug juice from his helmet band and soaked his face and arms. He felt the tingle of it and was almost nauseated by the airplane-glue aroma. Whew he mused. Bugs are almost better.

Lesson: Sometimes, run prevention doesn't seem worth it. The benefits don't always seem apparent. When Alcides Escobar reminds me of Tony Pena Jr. at the plate I think those thoughts. Bugs are almost better.

He took a canteen out of his low trouser pocket and drank thirstily to wash the fear out of his mouth. He couldn't quite get it all. It lingered like bile.

Lesson: You can get used to the Royals screwing things up, but you can't get rid of it.

Skipping to the next paragraph.

All stood the first watch together, lying side by side like moonbathers. They watched the treeline through the darkling sky, studying its outer edges when the flares creaked and dropped behind it, muttering to each other about mounds and points and dips.

Lesson: The anxiety we all feel when we know Dayton Moore is on the trade or free agent market... we are not alone. We have each other.

Skipping to the next page.

"Roger, this is Three Charlie. We got noises out here." Pause. Speedy's eyes had not moved. "Sounds like somebody's digging in. Right at the edge of the treeline. That's most affirm."

Lesson: Noises and rumors, usually don't work out well. There's usually something there. We all felt the Podsednik signing coming. We all felt the Bloomquist signing coming. We all felt the Francoeur deal coming. We could see it.

At the end of the page.

Marooned. You're right. We are fucked, man.

Lesson: Let's just trust the process.