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Bonds Somewhat Guilty. Does It Really Matter?

A couple of other websites I write for were wanting people to cover the Bonds verdict.  I just can't get into it.  The main charges were if he lied under oath.  I just just don't give a rat's ass about subjects on player's personal lives.  Tiger's whole break up with his wife wasted a ton broadcast time on real sports that could have been covered.  I watch and follow sports for the games, not figuring out who is sleeping with who or who lied at some point. If I was that into gossip or other useless information, I would watch Entertainment Tonight. 

Did the trial results matter at all for anything baseball related?  The main item for discussion still is if Bonds would get into the Hall of Fame.  If he was guilty or innocent, would it really change a voter's opinion of their view of him.  They were either not going to vote for him because of the steroids or just didn't care that he took them.  I think most people's minds have been made up for years now on players that used steroids, especially when it comes to the Hall of Fame.  

The verdict will get plenty of press in the next few days, but I would love to see if anyone actually asks what changes now.  In my opinion, not a damn thing changes except that maybe, just maybe, the steroid issue will start coming to an end.