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Good Morning Kansas City, Your Royals Are Tied For First Place

Even through twelve games, this is mildly incredible.

AL Central Standings

Kansas City 8 4 .666 0 Won 2
Cleveland 8 4 .666 0 Lost 2
Chicago 7 5 .583 1 Lost 1
Detroit 6 7 .461 2.5 Won 3
Minnesota 4 8 .333 4 Lost 2

(updated 4.15.2011 at 1:56 AM EDT)

  • Cleveland at 8-4 (and riding a two game losing streak) is a splash of cold water on our enthusiasm. Are the Indians really good? Are they that different from the Royals? How you feel about the Indians is how everyone else feels about the Royals. Something to consider.
  • Chicago has had just about everything go wrong, and has lost at least three games in bizarre fashion. Nevertheless, here they are, just a game behind the everything going right Royals. Not the most encouraging sign.
  • Similarly, the Tigers are only two and half back, and they've not exactly set the world on fire.

Maybe this isn't your father's AL Central. 8-4 used to mean something!