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Tim Collins Is Pitching Often for the Kansas City Royals

Tim Collins is on pace to appear in 93 games this season.

OK, 92.5, but 93 sounded better.

"On pace for..." analysis is really stupid after 14 games, granted. Nevertheless, Collins is being used at a rate not seen in decades for a Royals pitcher. Here's the franchise Top 5 for Appearances:


  1. Dan Quisenberry - 84 games, 1985
  2. Jason Grimsley - 76 games, 2003
  3. Dan Quisenberry - 75 games, 1980
  4. Jimmy Gobble - 74 games, 2007
  5. Jason Grimsley (2001), Jeff Montgomery (1990), Scott Service (1998)  - 73 games
Grimsley was close to an inning at a time pitcher during his time with the Royals, which is comparable to how Collins will be used, presumably. Gobble was more of a specialist, as he pitched just 53.2 IP in that 2007 season. Quisenberry, of course, was a different animal in a different era. In 1980, Quiz threw 128 innings. In 1985, he threw 129 innings. And when Quiz came in, he was in, as he finished 68 and 76 games. Soria's career high in games finished is 57 games, in comparison. 

Collins won't appear in 90 plus games this season. He probably won't appear in 80 plus. He might not make it to 70. But for now, he's pitched a lot.