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Royals Offense Looks Mariners-esque in 3-2 Loss

Seattle showed the kind of offensive firepower that will enable them to win one out of every four games they play, as they avoided the sweep in a 3-2 win over Kansas City today. The Royals offense was so impotent, they could have hit Adam Kennedy cleanup. Granted, Michael Pineda is a very good pitching prospect, but Jamey Wright is a thousand times worse than the other bullpens we've ruined so far this year, and he hardly worked up a sweat today.

  • Jeff Francis got the Greinke treatment (who got the Appier treatment, and for you old timers, he got the Drago treatment). Much like Jack Morris would "pitch to the score" when he knew his offense would score a lot of runs, the Royals hitters "hit to the score" when Francis pitches, knowing he will keep the opposition off the scoreboard enough that the Royals can win it with a lucky bloop single. Only that single did not come today.
  • Curious decision by Ned to burn his top bullpen guys in a 7-0 win Saturday and use the recently promoted and strikeout-deficient Blake Wood in a tight situation today. But really all he was guilty of was allowing a light single in over two innings of work. But that single was all the difference today. That's not a high margin of error, but with this lineup, we probably don't have much of a margin of error from our pen.
  • Jarrod Dyson has as many steals as he does at-bats. He has also drawn as many walks as Jeff Francoeur.
  • The countdown for when Kila gets "Pickeringed" begins.
  • Seriously? No TV today? C'mon Fox Sports Kansas City (or Root Down Sports Network or whatever you're calling yourself these days), jump on the Royals bandwagon!

Now for the Indians and a first-place clash of EPIC PROPORTIONS!