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The Brief and Haunting Life of Alcides Escobar's Twitter Account

Sometimes, when doing historical research, all we find are fragments. Fragments that provide more questions than answers, questions that are often without answer.

On August 3, 2009, Alcides Escobar tweeted the following:

Just got Swept By Isotopes.....i'm out later guys

And that was it. He left and never came back. Escobar never tweeted again. He is following no one.

On his own, he roams this Earth scratching out a post-Isotopes-sweep existence.

In Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe, there was a tradition through the last century, of scribbling brief notes on scraps of paper and throwing them out of trains, carts, anything moving. A kind of land-based message in a bottle. Surprisingly, many of these notes found their intended recipents. May Alcdies's note find its mark.