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For the 2011 Royals, After Two Games, So Far, So Good

The Royals are .500 and playing good baseball. Yes, it's early. What do you want? The blog to go silent for three months? The Royals don't look quite as awful as we expected. Party!

  • Kila hit a game-winning home run friday night. For the Royals, not the Storm Chasers. Basically, multiply this bullet point by a million.
  • Two starts in, the most laughed-at rotation in baseball has turned in two perfectly acceptable starts. Perfectly acceptable.
  • Jeff Francis threw 7 innings in his first start. I would have bet his first outing would have been more like 5.1 IP. You know, if gambling on random Royal props was possible.
  • The Royal bullpen hasn't allowed a run yet. Also, Jamey Wright is not on the roster anymore.
  • Joakim Soria pitched in a tie game Friday. Yes, it was at home, but it was still something of a bonus inning.
  • Alcides Escobar managed a weak single yesterday. This is good because he looks like a guy who is capable of throwing a 0-20 stretch out there, and I'd hate for him to be hitting .000 next week.