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Royals Come Back to Defeat the Laughable Angels

The Angels are funny. They do silly things, strand runners and they can't put the Royals away.

This was an odd and borderline inexplicable game. Here's how the Royals beat the Angels: In the 5th inning, they got two singles from Francoeur and Betemit. Then, Matt Treanor walked on 5 pitches. Because Ervin Santana had a stroke on the mound, I think. Then, Chris Getz blasted a double play ball... err... totally awesome single. Then Escobar blasted a double play ball... err... totally awesome fielder's choice. Two runs scored. In the 6th, they scored a run when Jeff Francoeur struck out on a wild pitch with two outs and Butler on third. Then, after stuff happened, they rallied in the 8th. Butler and Francoeur singled, Wilson Betemit then hit a double play ball... that the Angels misplayed, allowing the inning to continue. With two outs, Yost allowed Matt Treanor to bat with the game on the line, and he predictably singled to tie the game. It was only natural that Chris Getz would finish off the Angels with his own single. Allowing worse batters to hit= winning.Trust established. Yost vindicated. Kinda.

  • That felt like a Kyle Davies start, didn't it? 5.1 innings pitched, 7 hits allowed, 2BBs, 2 Ks. To be fair, his two strikeouts came at a relatively huge moment in the game, when the Angels got a runner to third with only one out. Nevertheless, when a guy's appearance to begin the third feels like a bad bet, you're pretty clearly not an exciting starting pitcher anymore.
  • Aaron Crow will never start again. OK, that's not fair to the Royals. He's two more good appearances away from never starting again. I was being silly. Now, in all seriousness, the Royals have used Crow in longer outings to begin the season. He probably should have allowed a run today, during his 1.2 IP, but the Angels ran themselves out of the inning. (See below.) I'm still not a fan of what the Royals are doing with Crow, but if he continues to pitch in longer outings, it might work out.

  • The Angels like to get guys thrown out at home by 10 feet. Aggressiveness! Average broadcast minutes spent praising an Angel baserunning play that works: 8. Average broadcast minutes spent questioning an Angel baserunning play that doesn't: .0001.


  • Who was I to question the Getzcobar portion of the lineup. Those guys are ballplayers. Five singles and a stolen base between them.

  • As mentioned above, Matt Treanor hit with two outs in the 8th and the tying run on third. He singled. Brilliant. In each of his two starts Treanor has come to the plate with the game in the balance. Ned Yost is our manager.

  • Texeira allowed an inherited runner to score, but technically he escaped with a clean inning. The Royal bullpen has still not allowed a run.