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Royals Rally to Stun Indians Late, Earn Split

The Royals looked lifeless for hours tonight, looked certain to fall three games behind the Indians. There was a furtive rally in the 8th, although it did partially close the gap. Then, to our great surprise, the awaited game-winning rally in the 9th inning actually came. It's always amazing when this happens. Yet another late victory for the surprising 2011 Royals.

The offense got to be the heroes, but the Royals won tonight because the pitching kept them in the game. 

  • The Royals got a better than expected start from Sean O`Sullivan. And this time he wasn't even facing the Mariners! O`Sullivan lasted six innings, scattering five hits and three walks against six hits. Sure, it was just six innings, but you'll take that start every time, from just about anyone. 
  • Louis Coleman made his Major League debut tonight, cleaning up some of SOS's trash and tossing two scoreless innings.
  • Kila hit a fairly large double to get things started in the 9th. 
  • Why did Chris Getz steal second or especially third down 2-0 in the 8th? I'm especially baffled by the attempt at third. Getz did manage to walk to continue the game-winning rally.
  • Aaron Crow still has an ERA of 0.00.
  • The Royals get an outfield assist every night.