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Despite Better Pitching, Royals Fall Again in Texas

It's time to get Chris Getz out of the leadoff spot, Ned.

I'm starting to feel uneasy.The Royals have had everything go right for them, they've won a handful of close and extra inning games, and they have 12 wins. The Tigers probably don't even feel like they've played well, and they have 11 wins. The White Sox and Twins have had just about everything go wrong, and they both have 8 wins.

Good things from tonight:

  • Davies was competent.
  • Collins turned in a shutout inning, as did Louis Coleman. So we've got Collins, Crow and Coleman now in the 'pen. What stupid name will they get? The Killer Cees?
  • Kila homered. His start was so bad that when he goes 1-4, his batting average still goes up.
  • Cabrera had three hits.