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Tomko's Revenge: Rangers Sweep Royals

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Well that got interesting in a hurry.

Many fans may see this sweep as the beginning of the end for the Royals hot start, but just as we should keep a level head with positive small samples, we should also keep a level head with negative small samples. Let's also keep in mind the Rangers are the defending American League champions. And its early. I mean Boston has been swept three times already. At least we're not as bad as those losers.

On the plus side, Frenchy went yard and Aviles homered twice. On the minus side, the wind was pretty much blowing everything out. Even little Andres Blanco, the guy that couldn't start for us because he lacked any kind of power, hit one out. I think Louis Coleman's dad and former First Lady Laura Bush even hit one out.

On windy days, perhaps they should scratch Chen and give Adock an emergency start? Wind is Bruce Chen's only Kryptonite. Well that, and Kryptonite.

Betemit has already buried Aviles. Is he going to bury Kila now?

Remembering Brett Tomko. That was a blast from the past huh? Still looks like a 15 game winner to me.

Well a downer of a weekend, but the ship can be righted in the place where so many other dreams have come true - Cleveland.