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Amazing Royals Facts: Billy Butler

Two amazing facts involving Billy Butler this afternoon:

  • Billy has been intentionally walked five times this season. His career high of eight, set last season, looks to be in jeopardy. Possibly by the All-Star Break. Butler is walking more than ever this season, as he has both matured as a hitter and is more respected around the league. Butler is walking in 16.7% of his PAs in 2011, against a career average of 8.9%. (Since this is a Royals blog, I am obligated to now write: "He won't see anymore intentional walks once Hosmer and Moose are called up and the lineup is awesome!!!111."
  • Billy has grounded into just one double play this season. Last year he led the league with 32 GIDPs. Butler's ground ball rate is the lowest of his career this young season, which has helped. At the moment, Butler is on pace to finish the season with less than 10 GIDPs. (Kaegel had a story about this over the weekend.) So far, the decrease in grounders hasn't translated into better power numbers, however.
  • We're at the point where we all more or less take Butler for granted. He's hitting .316/.438/.443 this season, and our collective response is... "yea, ok." One less thing to worry about I guess.