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Royals Bibliomancy - Lesson Four from John W. Campbell's "The Moon is Hell"

What is this? What is bibliomancy? For an explanation click here.

Our latest insight into the Royals from the spirit realm comes from John W. Campbell's 1951 novel, The Moon is Hell. Campbell's book is a fast-reading yawn from the glory days of science fiction. The moral? Don't get stranded on the Moon. The novel takes the form of the journal of the ill begotten expedition's captain.

We turn now, to whatever page Fate shall direct us to.

Royals Bibliomancy Lesson Four - The Moon is Hell page 72.

"Miners in particular complain of growing weakness, and pain in limbs."

Lesson: Being a Royals fan can be hard. However, working as a miner on the moon would be much much more difficult. Once again, a call to perspective.

"I am working in the mine for a while now, while Kendall takes a rest. It is very heavy labor, particularly moving the stubborn carts back to the Dome."

Lesson: Alas! I was wrong. The Spirit is speaking to me, not in the voice of Royals fans, but in the voice of all Royals catchers cursed not to be Jason Kendall, the most loved and favored of all Royals base-ballers. Oh Lucas May, oh Brayan Pena, oh Matt Treanor. I see how you labor, while Kendall rests. I know your work is hard, pushing the Royals back home. The needed materials from the mine, various metals that the team scientist will use to create oxygen and artificial food, will be provided. How does it work? It's almost alchemical. Almost like catcher pitch calling skills and leadership.

"The road is smooth now, but not too level."


Lesson: It's uphill for all of us. Especially Matt Treanor.


"Fortunately the mine is on a higher level than the Dome, and the downhill track is loaded, the uphill pull, empty."


Lesson: If you actually look at the details, despite how brutal it appears, things really aren't that hopeless. Nevertheless, back to the mine.