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Royals and Their Sponsors

What's it going to take for someone to sponsor our's page.
What's it going to take for someone to sponsor our's page.

Every player at baseball-reference can have their page sponsored by someone for a donation to the website. Some are classics like this one for Marvin Benard, but most players aren't sponsored. Here is a list of which current Royals players are sponsored and for those that aren't sponsored, the amount it would take to sponsor them.

Players not sponsored

Jeff Francoeur $170

Jeff Francis $160

Alcides Escobar $120

Joakim Soria $100

Alex Gordon $90

Kila Ka'aihue $85

Bruce Chen $70

Jeremy Jeffress $65

Luke Hochevar $55

Mike Aviles $50

Matt Treanor $40

Louis Coleman $35

Chris Getz $25

Nathan Adcock $25

Kanekoa Texeira $20

I don't really get the valuation here. How is Soria worth less then Francis and Escobar. By far the best deal IMO would be Adock for $25. TWSS.


Billy Butler

Patrick, Nathan & Nicholas Lindeman

Looks to be someone that knows Billy. How sweet.



Sean O'Sullivan

Kevin Charity of

Check out my blog for all things sports, pop culture and music. Showing my boy O'Sullivan some love!

A friend sponsor's SOS. I think it is cool that he has a friend.


Melky Cabrera

Sim Dynasty - home of Sim Baseball

Free online multiplayer simulated baseball. Make all the decisions real MLB owners, GMs, and Managers make. Draft a fictitious franchise, set your lineup, groom prospects, and guide your team for 20+ seasons. It's the next generation of fantasy baseball!

Can't figure this one out. Are they trying not to get any traffic to their website?


Mitch Maier


The place to talk Royals baseball featuring forums and user blogs

Website no longer exists.


Aaron Crow

Kings of Kauffman

Kings of Kauffman features game recaps, analysis, commentary and player profiles regarding the Kansas City Royals and their minor league affiliates.

The Kings are always putting out some good content. After checking them out this morning, they seemed to be as bummed as I am about the current losing streak.


Blake Wood, Rob Tejeda, Wilson Betemit, Brayan Pena

Mark M. Ferguson, Attorney at Law, LLC

Criminal/DWI/Traffic/Personal Injury Attorneys in KCMO – 816-221-1750 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            816-221-1750      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Four Royals, one lawyer. I wonder if Brian McRae called him?


Jarrod Dyson

The Bando

You 'bout to see me take it, About to see me bling, All you m____________ the Kansas City King

I think the Bando and Wil(l) should have a poetry read off. Loser must listen to 10 minutes of Frank White giggles.


Tim Collins

A Giant believer

Epic duel: Tim Collins pitching to David Eckstein...

I figured they could do a little better with a quote for Collins, but it will have to do.


Kyle Davies

Puckett's Pond

Puckett's Pond is the Minnesota Twins site of the Sports Network. For daily (on average) Twins related content, stop by the Pond and stay a while.

The pretty much shows how much Davies sucks when another team sponsor his page.