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Freefallin' - Royals Lose Sixth Straight

The beginning of the end?

Every team will have five or six game losing streaks in a typical year. Are the Royals a typical team in a slump? Or is this just one of multiple long losing streaks en route to yet another 90-100 loss season?

That small ball sure was fun for three weeks wasn't it? But chicks dig the long ball. As does the scoreboard. The Royals have been outhomered 17-8 on this road trip.

Kyle Davies seemed more Daviesish than usual, giving up eight runs in less than four innings of work. We knew the Royals starting pitching would be a weakness this year, and it has been painfully obvious during this losing streak - no starting pitcher has given up fewer than six runs on this roadtrip, and none has failed to reach the sixth inning.

And to further rub it in, Aaron Crow tosses a scoreless inning. The calls for him to start grow louder. Will Dayton give in or will he trust the process?