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Royals Rally Past Twins Late, Stop Slide and Get Back to .500

A curiously monumental win, for April 29th. In winning the Royals ended a dispiriting six game losing streak and got back to .500, at 13-13. I wrote prior to the game that if the Royals fell to 12-14, the Royals wouldn't see .500 again this season. That's obviously an irrational and overly dramatic statement, but that's where this last week drove the feeling.

Royal pitching and bad Twins offense kept the Royals in the game long enough for the boys in blue to come back, thanks to a dramatic 8th inning rally. The bottom of the order, including Jarrod Dyson, who isn't even in the lineup, drove the comeback late. Dyson deserves much credit, but lest we forget, Betemit getting things going with a one out double was a gigantic play.