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Smallball Flies Away in the Wind - Royals Outslug Angels


Mike Scioscia came in to today's game all ready to bunt, hit-and-run, and steal his way to victory. But on his way to the stadium, a Kansas gale picked up his smallball game plan and carried it away, leaving the Angels to try to win the uncivilized way - by hitting home runs.

Today's game yielded eight home runs - five from the Angels, three from the Royals - including a walk-off homer from recent acquisition Matt Treanor. While the Angels won the home run derby, the Royals did the little things needed to win ballgames. These guys just know how to come back and win and it is clear there is only reason why - NED YOST.

I am in danger of losing my sabermetrics membership card by writing this, but I am becoming a fan of Jeff Francoeur. Yea, his OBA is lower than Sean O'Sullivan's weight, but the guy does seem pretty likable, and he seems to really enjoy playing baseball and be willing to do whatever it takes to win the game other than take a walk (although he took one in the ninth today! THE SEITZER EFFECT!). I can understand the media swoon.

Still, am I the only one surprised by how unathletic he looks? Not that he looks uncoordinated or bad, just that he doesn't look like someone that would be a star athlete on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He looks like kind of a gangly, goofy guy that could sell me a stereo system at Best Buy. By the media reports, I was expecting an Adonis in baseball pants.

It was a two hours ago, but Bruce Chen started this game and looked pretty Chenish.

We managed to walk three times in one inning and not score a run. Amazing.

I'd probably be pretty worried if I was an Angels fan counting on the bullpen this year. Seven walks in three innings. Against the free-swingin' Royals. Yeesh.

Overall a good start to the season for the Royals. We found we have some arms in the pen, Francis when healthy can be quite effective, and we'll probably struggle to score runs all year. But we have Ned Yost on our side.

Bring on the White Sox.

Angels vs Royals boxscore