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Royals Explode Late To Crush the Twins, 11-2

As a Royals fan, would you rather beat the Twins in dramatic fashion or simply destroy them? The first two games of this series have allowed us to ponder this philosophical question. The Royals are now undefeated since Kate Middleton took Prince William's hand in marriage.

The Royals took a 3-2 game in the 8th and turned it into a laugher, erupting for a stunning eight-run rally. With the Royals already cooking, Justin Morneau committed a two-run error, which was promptly followed by a three-run homer from Alex Gordon. The Royals sent so many men to the plate that Jarrod Dyson even ended up getting a plate appearance. Prior to the Royals turning the game silly, the key moments included a Billy Butler homer (which apparently is possible) and a key triple by Chris Getz.

Washed away by the glee of the rally is the fact that Sean O`Sullivan somehow managed to walk seven Twins, yet only allow two runs, one of which was unearned. Perhaps he was mythically "effectively wild" as the Twins managed only two hits against O`Sullivan. SOS now sports a 3.43 ERA. The Royals go for a turnaround sweep tomorrow.

Man, do the Twins look bad. And suddenly, the Royals look like the randomly effective fun and surprising team that we kinda sorta thought they were a week ago. What a 48 hours. Maybe it's the Royal Wedding Afterglow.