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A Comeback-Filled Weekend Has Royals Fans Feeling Confident

Three dramatic wins and another just-short comeback have Royals fans feeling good four games into the season. The first weekend of the season offered something for everyone. New free agent signings played well, newly acquired young players had their moments, and the internet hero of die-hards hit a dramatic game-winning home run. Also, Matt Treanor.

  • Tim Collins has begun his Major League career striking people out and looking extremely small.
  • Aaron Crow suddenly morphed into a dominant reliever. Crow leads the team with 6 strikeouts. If ever there was a year where a Royal reliever could lead the team in strikeouts, this would be it. (Didn't Gobble do this a few years back?)
  • Melky Cabrera and Jeff Farncoeur each homered in their first series as Royals.
  • Mike Aviles is slugging .643.
  • Brayan Pena is slugging .571 and hitting over .400. Combined with Matt Treanor, the Royals appear to have a historically great pair of catchers on the roster.
  • Jeff Francis pitched 7 innings, in a single game, and didn't die.

This weekend I was listening to the Lookout Landing podcast, and they made the point that even if the Mariners don't win the AL West, it would be nice if they at least stayed around .500 for awhile. That's my attitude towards this team. I don't think they'll be very good, but it would be kinda fun if they were, for awhile. In previous years, I would be more worried that management might do something rash and stupid, in response to fluky success, but, for the moment, I'm less worried about that. I think there's too much commitment to the guys in the system.

I think. I hope. I certainly don't want Francoeur getting a long-term contract. Melky either.

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