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How Much Winning Would it Take for Dayton Moore to Begin Calling Up Players Early?

With the current rash of winning, I was wondering how much winning would it take for Dayton to begin calling up some of the Rookies, notably Moustakas, Hosmer and Montgomery.

Follow me here. Say the Royals will play 0.600 for the rest of the season. Dayton and all of us will think that this winning can't be sustainable, but maybe with a little help, it could continue.

I think he may have a quick finger and could promote a few players within 30 games. Our schedule is pretty tough to begin the season and if the team goes 18-12, he could just make a push.

Personally, I would hold off until 50 games have been played. I think one month is a little too short, but if they are around 36-24, I think even a push towards 0.500 would be great (more fans in stadium => more $$$$).