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Extremely Early Royals Swinging Strike Numbers

Since I broached the matter of swinging strike percentage with Joakim Soria, I thought I'd post the data for the entire pitching staff.

Now, as must be said, it is incredibly early. There are some surprises. In my mind, Crow has been electric/dominant. Would you believe he's induced swinging strikes at a lower rate than... Bruce Chen? Click below and be amazed.

Swinging Strike %
Collins 18.2%
Jeffress 17.1%
Chen 14.3%
Crow 13.9%
Francis 10.3%
Davies 8.8%
Hochevar 5.9%
Tejeda 5.0%
SOS 3.6%
Soria 2.6%
Texeira 0.0%
Adcock 0.0%