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Royals Fall to Tigers 5-2, Inch Closer to .500

DETROIT, MI - Somebody else just walked. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - Somebody else just walked. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Kyle Davies made sure that the Tigers had a nice home opener, didn't he? The frustrating thing was that the fundamentals of a much-different, much-closer game, were certainly there today. The Tigers couldn't score off of the Adcock-Texeira combo, and the Royals got hits all day. It didn't matter. The early season magic of oh... three days ago... seems to be wearing off.

  • What can you say about Davies's start today? I've slowly entered the camp that Davies isn't quite worth the ire he sometimes generates, but he was classic Annoying Davies today. He couldn't get through four innings, was all over the place with his command (including 5 walks), put the Royals in an early hole, and forced Yost to burn through Nate Adcock's availability for the next few days. (Though that isn't all bad.)
  • Speaking of Adcock, the rookie survived 3.1 innings and allowed no runs. Yost has been good about using his middle relievers in some longer outings this season, and it's helped the bullpen endure some long games. I'm not sure why Adcock is really on the roster, but as a guy to absorb low-leverage innings, he's not a bad option . For now.
  • Alex Gordon had an impressive outfield assist.
  • Chris Getz was picked off while trailing 5-1. Well done team! Hey, have to stay aggressive out there. So much for being excited about Yost's managing.
  • The Royals brought the singles today, and considering that they also got a handful (ok 3) extra base hits, it's a little surprising that they didn't score more than two runs. Escobar, Treanor, and Kila came up empty with men on base. With Escobar, there seems to be a day to day swing: he either looks capable of hitting an empty .290 or he looks like the next Tony Pena Jr.
  • Remember last year when Podsednik, Kendall, and Guillen all were hitting .450 after two weeks? That's what I think of when I watch that Getz-Cabrera atop our order. If you include Alex Gordon in my snarky remark however, I'll throw my shoe at you.