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That's What Mitch Do: Royals Sweep Twins

Most of Kansas City was ready to go back to ignoring Royals baseball after a six game losing streak, but the Royals sucked the fanbase back in with a three game sweep of Minnesota. Minnesota, which used to be known as the Twins until their bodies were invaded by extra-terrestrial beings that caused them to no longer play baseball "the right way" (some believe the beings could have been prevented by retaining Little Nickie Punto), struggled to hit, field, or pitch during this series. The Twins allowed nine unearned runs on four errors during the series, no doubt rattled by Jarrod Dyson who arguably turned the series around with his electrifying display of speed on Friday night.

Dyson's psychological impact was so huge that the Twins continued to struggle for hours after he had left the game.

The Royal offense had a huge day. Sure, the Royals are always good for singles explosions: our FO values batting average and has done a decent job building a batting average roster at times. However, on Sunday the offense also churned out seven extra-base hits and three walks, to augment the attack. The top of the order was effective: Mitch Maier, after replacing an injured Jarrod Dyson in the first, reached base three times, while Mike Aviles homered and doubled to key rallies. By the end of the game, every Royal had recorded a hit, including Dyson, who batted just once.

Rather stunningly, the Royals look like they're back in this thing.

The Royal pitching staff continued the weekend trend of walking people and not really paying for it, which may be a function of Minnesota just not fielding a good lineup. Coleman walking two Twins in the 9th with a 10-3 lead is not the happiest sign, but perhaps he was simply struggling to focus with the game comfortably in hand. Aaron Crow, who we really should post about at some point, still hasn't allowed an earned run this season.

In the end, April was a successful month for the Royals, and now we begin May with a win.