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Video: Carl Pavano Flips Out, Loses Mind, Goes Crazy, Etc. in Dugout

When the Royals batter you like a pinata, it doesn't feel good. During Sunday's loss to the Royals, Twins pitcher Carl Pavano more or less lost it, went nuts, went crazy, flipped out, went berserk, etc. At one point Pavano grabbed multiple bats and started swinging. He put in some of the best hacks of any Twin this season. (hey-o)

But hey, Pavano's still got the ironic mustache going. So he'll fit in well when he enrolls in an MFA program, in 2005.

The video won't last long online, so it's best to see it while you can.


Pavano allowed twelve hits and seven runs to the Royals. Pavano's day of shame includes allowing multiple hits to Matt Treanor and Mitch Maier, surrendering a double to Alcides Escobar, and getting blasted by a Jeff Francoeur home run.

Perhaps worse for the Twins is the fact that the loss sent them to 9-18 on the season. Of course, because this is the Twins, somehow this is all Kevin Slowey's fault.