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Are The Royals Having Problems Turning the Double Play?

I went and looked at how the Royals were doing defensively this season at Generally everything seemed inline with what my eyes have seen except that both Dewan's Runs Saved (-5) and UZR (-3.3) have us at negative runs for double plays this season. We are tied for the leagues worst with the Mets in Runs Saved with the Mets and 2nd to last in UZR. I know I am looking at a small sample size, but I just don't see us having one of the league's worst double play combination.

Looking at the individual players, it seems that Getz and Escobar make up most of the negative value. I have seen about half the innings so far this season and there doesn't seem to be any issues with those 2 turning the double play. In previous seasons when Teahen and Aviles were learning 2B, there were always issues. When Betancourt was here, he always seems a little awkward turning the double play. This season I have just not observed the problems from previous seasons.

Usually I agree with defensive metrics, especially at the team level, but my eyes are just not agreeing with these numbers right now. Let me know what you have seen and I know I will be watching the double plays a little closer as the season goes on.