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Royals Look to Reverse Struggles Against Yankees

The Royals are a combined 10-14 against the Yankees since 2008 and really, they're a little bit fortunate to only be four games under .500 against the Bombers in that span.

W-L Record Runs
2010 3-5 29-48
2009 2-4 17-29
2008 5-5 41-50

The Royals gave up 48 runs to the Yankees in eight games last season, yet somehow managed to win three games. Generally speaking, Royal pitching looks no better this season, even when you account for a stronger bullpen.

Yankee pitching, or lack thereof, might help the Royals. While every starting pitcher the Royals are sending out there should make us nervous, the Yankees don't exactly look formidable either.

  • Tue: Davies v. Garcia
  • Wed: Chen v. Burnett
  • Thur: SOS v. Nova

Step one is avoiding a disaster start from Davies tonight.