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Game 36 Open Thread - Royals (18 - 17) v. Yankees (20 - 13)

Vin Mazzaro

#32 / Pitcher / Kansas City Royals





Sep 27, 1986

Favorite Movie: "Probably Major League 2. It's what made me want to pursue baseball as a career. Who didn't want to be Rick Vaughn in that movie? I also really love the original Solaris. Tarkovsky is my main man. Like, for real."

A.J. Burnett

#34 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Jan 03, 1977

Favorite Movie: "Eat, Pray, Love. Totally better than the book, which I've read twice, both on Carsten Charles's insistence."

Eric Hosmer to bat third, take seat at the right hand of God following game.

A.J. Burnett fears for his livelihood, and therefore his life, given the very real chance that Eric Hosmer ends his career with one swing of his mighty bat. It's not your game A.J., Hosmer just lets you play in it.

The Yankees front office has advised all of its entrants tonight to wear shades. The future is Eric Hosmer, and the light about to be unleashed from the heavens is bright as #*&%.

It's on.