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Royal Offensive Outburst Leads to Surprising Series Victory in New York

A standard journalistic cliche is to take your own reaction to an event and universalize it, to make it everyone's reaction or, at least, the reaction of many. That's basically what I'm tempted to do here. Driving around tonight, I thought, "wow, the Royals took two of three in New York, maybe there is something to this team." And so, you write the "Royals proving skeptics wrong" post.

So, the Royals have proved the skeptics wrong with an impressive mid-week series against the Yankees.

  • Hosmer homered (looks weird writing that) and the Yankees were never able to recover. They were emotionally destroyed. Hosmer is Ozymandias without the irony.
  • It was really a stunning offensive showing for the Royals, who got their usual singles, but also added eight extra base hits and four walks to the tally.
  • SOS is the new Francis, who was the new Chen, who was the new... I dunno... Paul Byrd. Somehow, he's still turning in good starts.
  • I loved Yost handing the ball to Wood and telling him to finish the game.