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Verlander Shuts Down Royals As Tigers Move Into Second Place

The old Earl Weaver saying is that "momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher." The Royals won a theoretically meaningful series in New York, yet ran into the Verlander buzzsaw tonight. Verlander took a no-hitter into the middle of the game, spoiling a decent Hochevar performance. Tough loss.

If you care about such things, the Royals are now in third place. The Royals had been in second place since April 17th.

  • Luke Hochevar looked like he was on the opposite of cruise control early on, yet he slogged through an eventually effective start. Hochevar lasted six innings, was lucky that the two home runs he allowed were solo shots, and gave the Royals a chance to win. The mix of good and bad, depending on what you want to see, seems a microcosm of Hochevar's career.
  • The increasingly useless Chris Getz went 0-4 tonight. Getz is now hitting .212/.300/.265. Getz is living off of a hot week early in the season that raised his BA to .391 at one point and the fact that he looks like he's Ned Yost's son. Strangely, my Twitter feed isn't filled each night by people screaming about how he's terrible and unwatchable and the worse player ever. Getz actually hit a little in 2009 with the White Sox, yet it appears as if he'll never get back to that modest level of performance.
  • Jeff Francoeur threw someone out at home.
  • Is there any reason why Tim Collins pitched to one batter tonight? It's not that I necessarily think what Yost is doing with the bullpen is wrong... I just can't figure out what he's thinking night to night. In a way, it's nice, because one of the worst aspects of today's game is the lack of imagination in which relievers are used. Collins however has appeared in 23 of the team's 38 games. Easy, Ned, easy.