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Thanks to Rainout, Royals Avoid/Guarantee a Sweep In Detroit

Sunday's finale in Detroit has been postponed, with a makeup date scheduled for September first.

The huge advantage here is to the Royals, who by September will have the best pitching staff in baseball, thanks to the promotions of Duffy, Dwyer, Montgomery, Adam, Cuthbert, Melville and Colt Griffin. The lineup should also be much more formidable, with Moustakas providing protection to Jeff Francoeur in the final month of his MVP push.

The only negative from today's game being cancelled, is that we were denied a chance to watch MITCH patrol right field, giving Francoeur a day off just hours after I wrote about Francoeur never getting a day off. And of course, MITCH is from Michigan, which apparently is interesting and or relevant.

The Royals now return home to gear up for another huge series against Cleveland. In the last week the Royals have been caught and passed by Detroit, while Chicago has quietly worked themselves back onto the radar screen.

AL Central Standings

Cleveland 24 13 .648 0 Won 1
Detroit 22 18 .550 3.5 Won 7
Kansas City 20 19 .512 5 Lost 2
Chicago 16 24 .400 9.5 Lost 1
Minnesota 12 25 .324 12 Lost 7

(updated 5.15.2011 at 11:34 AM EDT)