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Lorenzo Cain Rebounding From A Slow Start

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that had the Royals not signed Melky Cabrera, Lorenzo Cain would have been the Opening Day centerfielder. But the Royals did sign Melky Cabrera and they did promise him the starting job in centerfield. Because heaven forbid we lose Melky Cabrera.

Lorenzo Cain meanwhile got hurt and started off slowly in Omaha. Melky's vaguely acceptable start to the season pushed the entire issue to the back pages.

Cain has hit better of late however, and now his AAA triple slash line is .306/.348/.415. As with Alcides Escobar, Cain is a plus defender at a prime position who doesn't have to be a great hitter to contribute. Although like Escobar there are questions as to if this is possible.

In truth, the Royals are an in an odd position. Melky has been good enough to play, but only just so. He's shown more power than expected, but his on-base skills are down in 2011, even for him. I've given up trying to predict Royal moves, so I'm not certain how this will play out. For the time being, it certainly looks like Cain is a) doing a little better and b) could use additional time in Omaha.