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Royals Mini-Swept Again, Fall Below .500

Since leaving New York the Royals have lost four straight, falling to 20-21 on the season. The Royals are below .500 for the first time since being 12-13 on April 28th.

  • For the fourth straight game, the Royals fell behind early, very early. Tonight, SOS allowed three runs in the first, from which Cleveland took control of the game. SOS's luck, to an extent, ran out tonight. The strikeout total was still low, and tonight the hits were bunched in such a way that runs were produced.
  • We're starting to see the effects of having a truly terrible starting rotation. The Royal bullpen has been solid, but the innings just never end. Night after night, starters are leaving after five, six... one innings. It adds up over the course of a long season, and we're not even through May. I'm not at the point where I no longer believe Yost is doing a good job managing the bullpen, but when he has to get four plus innings of work filled every night, it hardly matters.
  • Eric Hosmer was caught stealing and Treanor was picked off with the Royals down by multiple runs. Hosmer was caught in the 6th inning of a 6-1 game. Treanor was picked off in the 7th inning of a 7-2 game. Inexcusable. Simply inexcusable. As with every new manager, when Ned Yost was hired we heard all about the increased focus on fundamentals, not making mistakes, playing the game the right way, professionalism, etc. etc. etc. Sure, as soon as Yost is fired, whenever that is, we'll hear criticism of moves like that, coupled with the inevitable praise for the next guy. Plus ca change...
  • The Royals have scored four runs in their last four games.