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Danny Duffy's Debut OK, Hosmer's Heroics Not Enough, Royals Lose 5-4

What a weird game that neither team really deserved to win.  Here are my 3 takes from the game.

  1. Danny Duffy's first major league start was not the greatest. He gave up 4 hits and 6 walks over 4 innings. The Rangers only scored 2 runs over those 4 innings giving him the second best ERA for a starter on the team at 4.50. His fastball topped out at 96.7 MPH (K-gun did seem a little high last night - Wood was clocked at 100 MPH).  I will have a more detailed breakdown of his pitches in an article tomorrow.
  2. The Royals pitchers walked 13 hitters, over one per inning. A team is not going to win many games when the walk total is greater than the inning total.
  3. Hosmer sent the game into extra innings with a home runs in the bottom of the ninth, but then 2 runners got picked off of first base back to back. WTF. No outs. Don't get picked off. Yost was talking after the game of that the moves were balks. Who cares. Billy Butler was up when Dyson was on first. Give Billy a chance to drive you in. Think.