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Royals Lose 9-2, Orioles Score 8 in 4th Inning

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Quick Hits.

  1. Luke in the 4th Inning: 6H, 3BB, 1 WP, 8 Runs. The rest of the game he was 6IP, 0BB, 0 Runs. He actually pitched decent except for the one inning.
  2. Alex Gordon earned himself a Golden Sombrero tonight by getting 4 Ks.  At least he got a double.
  3. As a team, they hit 0.212 tonight. Heck Escobar has a better average than that. The offense seems to just disappearing in some games recently.
  4. Frenchy (0.508) has a higher slugging percentage than Hosmer (0.485).
  5. Pretty boring game in all.